Important Information

Important Information  

Major Grades (60%)

  • Test
  • Projects
  • AR
  • Writing assignments

Minor Grade (40%)

  • Table of Contents
  • Class work
  • Homework
  • Centers
  • Daily AR logs
  • Labs


Reading, Language, and Spelling tests will be given on day six of the pacing guide.  

Math, Science, and Social Studies tests will be given upon completion of each chapter and /or unit.   Grades will always be calculated using the ratio 60% major grades to 40% minor grades.  However, the categories listed below each ratio are subject to change each grading period.  Each subject will have a minimum of 5 major grades and 10 minor grades.   

Make-up Work

Make up work will be placed in a folder and put in a make-up work box.  It is the responsibility of the student to make up all work within three days of the absence.  If a student has an unexcused absence, a score of 0 will be recorded for each missed assignment. 

 Table of Contents

The TOC is a tool used to organize your child’s notebook.  Each assignment will be an entry in the TOC. It must be organized correctly in order to receive credit for your work. 

Parent/Teacher Conferences

You may set up a conference with the third grade teachers by email, handwritten notes, or by calling the main office.  If you call the office, we will return your call as soon as possible. 

Reading and Language Pacing Guides

Our pacing guide is a calendar that includes the schedule for reading and language tests.  This guide is available on the Reeltown School Website.  

Graded Papers

Graded papers will be sent home each Tuesday.  Please review these grades with your child, sign the folder, and return it the following school day.  Graded papers will be filed in the classroom.  You may access your child’s grades online through STI home.  Please obtain your login and password information from the office. 


All money should be sent in a sealed envelope. Please include your child’s name, amount, and purpose.